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On May 31, 2020, Speak Out Loud hosted a live Q&A panel discussion with local community leaders and members about the current state of emergency that exist across the nation and within the City of Cleveland. Panelist included Judge Emanuella Groves of Cleveland Municipal Court, Former City Councilman Zach Reed, Pastor Kyle Early of City of God church, and community member and Black Lives Matter supporter, Alyssa Webb.

Topics of discussion ranged from the current protest across the nation due the murder of George Floyd, voting, local leadership, and collaborative change.

Check out the video on our Facebook page:

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Being born and raised in Cleveland gave me a love hate relationship with the city. I grew up in inner city Cleveland on the east side. Having gone through poverty, homelessness, and lack of resources, I couldn’t see the positive I could get out of living here. After graduating college and returning home, I had to see a positive vision in the city I call home. After deciding to settle down in my hometown and begin my career here, I began to fall in love with my city and with my culture. I strive for a life where I am serving for the greater good of the people, and I decided to use my organization as a platform to give back, and what better place than Cleveland! Overtime I have done foundation building and now it’s time for some action. So I’ve started documenting footage for my documentary. I want to show the city, discover more of the city, and give back to the city. I wanted to capture significant places, not only in my life, but in the lives of others, as well as publicly significant places across Cleveland, whether good or bad, seeing a light and feeling the love, and capturing the beauty of everything that makes our city our city! Coming to peace with the little girl that was me growing up in Cleveland, having dreams, goals, and aspirations, and not feeling as if I had a chance to achieve them here because no one ever reached out to me, or my family and I were unaware, or not educated on available resources, or just frankly didn’t have the means, I want to be the difference that I wish I’d seen growing up and this is why I am doing what I am doing for my city, because i needed someone like me growing up and I am positioning myself to be that for the generations behind me. It is our job to reach back and give to those who come after us.

Enjoy the clip, as it's just a glimpse of what I have captured so far, I have a lot more in stock. Stay tuned and look forward to more! Also, if you can, please donate! We have some great things planned.

---Devon Gamble, Founder

(Edits my Devon Gamble *I do not own rights to any of the music*)

*Amos is where I lived at 16 when my mother passed away. It had been years since I had been there; I went to capture it and the house was gone.

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