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SOLFE, Speak Out Loud Fashion Empire, is a high end fashion brand that represents philanthropy, and Speak Out Loud, Inc. is the honoree. This philanthropic fashion line is designed to give chic and luxury awareness to philanthropy; to grassroots organizations giving back to the community. As part of the business plan, SOLFE is donating 10% of profits 💵 to Speak Out Loud, Inc. to assist the non-profit in helping community members build a stepping stone out of poverty.

After $1M, SOLFE’s proceeds will increase by 1% each year with a goal of donating 50%, not only to Speak Out Loud, Inc., but to other grass-root nonprofit organizations, engaging in philanthropy across America🇺🇸.

Enjoy a look into the work of Speak Out Loud! Head over to the "SOLFE" tab to place your order!

*Speak Out Loud does not own the rights to the music*

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On May 31, 2020, Speak Out Loud hosted a live Q&A panel discussion with local community leaders and members about the current state of emergency that exist across the nation and within the City of Cleveland. Panelist included Judge Emanuella Groves of Cleveland Municipal Court, Former City Councilman Zach Reed, Pastor Kyle Early of City of God church, and community member and Black Lives Matter supporter, Alyssa Webb.

Topics of discussion ranged from the current protest across the nation due the murder of George Floyd, voting, local leadership, and collaborative change.

Check out the video on our Facebook page:

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