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What We Do

Changing Lives

We provide education and services on financial security and mastering employable skills.

We enhance family building and provide resources which support family stability.


We focus on drug and crime prevention by providing mentorship and establishing and maintaining productivity.

We promote, engage, and educate on environmental sustainability and living a more eco friendly lifestyle


We provide extracurricular activities which ignite critical thinking and creativity, while reshaping diversity and inclusion amongst the community.

We have four 10 month progressive education paths that helps prepare an individual to be productive and knowledgable in society. 

Program paths are: 

Financial Literacy & Security

Career & Employability Preparation

Family and Relationship Enrichment 

Drug and Crime Prevention

Going Green!

Paths are grouped for our youth (14-18), and our young adults (18-40)! The completion of all  paths priveds a holistic life experience.

Core Values

Impact on Others


Education: Live to learn & learn to grow

Diversity and Inclusion 

Social Service to Others 


Accountability & Justice



Fun: Entertaining experiences have long lasting memories

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